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(October 2017 - December 2017)

  Our Lady of the Rosary
The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was held on the first Sunday in October. The Santa Marija Band participated in the procession that went round the streets of the village.

Feast of Saint Fortunatus
The feast of Saint Fortunatus was held as usual on the third Sunday of November. The preacher for this year was Rev. Can. Joseph Zammit of Victoria. During his homilies, Fr Zammit mentioned the aspect of martyrdom and the concept of ‘dying for Christ’ at the beginning of the 21st century.

Christmas Novena
The Christmas Novena began on the 15th of December (2017) at the evening Mass at 6.00 p.m. Fr Geoffrey G Attard preached for the nine days of the novena. For every Mass, the children were invited to find a place on the carpet just infront of the sanctuary and they were asked questions about the particular theme chosen for each day. On the last day of the novena, the Santa Marija Band marched from its headquarters to the Church and accompanied the Mass.

Advent and Christmas
This year, the procession with Baby Jesus through the streets of Żebbuġ took place on Saturday the 23rd of December. The members of the Society of Christian Doctrine (SDC) animated the procession. Monday the 25th of December was Christmas Day. On the eve, that is on the 24th of December, at 11.00 p.m. the parish choirs sang some carols and various youngsters participated in the dramatic representation. At the end, the prietka tal-Milied was delivered followed by Mass at midnight.

The altar servers visit the cribs
On Tuesday the 26th of December, the Archpriest Canon Reuben Micallef accompanied the altar servers as they visited various cribs around Gozo. Seminarian Gabriel Vella was also with the group.

Christmas Concert
The Santa Marija choir, under the baton of Mro Franco Cefai and Mrs Maria Cefai, took place in the Church on Friday the 22nd of December. The Minister for Gozo the Hon. Justyne Caruana was present. The choir sang various Christmas carols in both Maltese and English. At the end, the Archpriest delivered his message. The Minister for Gozo spoke about the importance of the Gozitan talent with reference to Żebbuġ and other places. A couple of poems were also read.

As is the tradition in our parish, the feast of the Kwaranturi began on Wednesday the 28th of December and ended on Sunday the 31st of December with the procession in which the Archpriest carried the Blessed Sacrament around the streets. Rev. Joseph Ofm.Cap. delivered the homilies about the Eucharist.

Written By: Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard
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