Feast of St Mary 2012
  Feast of the Virgin Assumed into Heaven
The festivities in honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary Assumed into Heaven known also in short as the Assumption began on Saturday the 4th of August with a vocational activity addressed to the altar servers of our parish and the members of the Vocational Group. The activity took place at the Parish Centre. The children and adolescents were shown parts of the classical film Jesus of Nazareth and then had a pizza party together. The Archpriest Rev. Reuben Micallef spoke to those present.

The Kwindicina
The fifteen days preceding the feast are known simply as il-Kwindicina. This began on Saturday the 4th and continued right through to Sunday the 19th when the titular feast and procession took place. On Sunday the 5th Fr. Mark Demanuele said Mass for the parish youth; the Mass was animated by the Band and the White Roses choir.

The Triduum
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday the 15th, 16th and 17th of August were special days dedicated to the Triduum. This year the three homilies were delivered by Can. Carmelo Curmi of Munxar. The Mass for the Triduum began at 11.00 am on Wednesday since it was the 15th day of the month. No activities took place in the evening on the 15th. On the following couple of days, the Triduum Mass was at 7.00 pm with the participation of the orchestra under the baton of Mro. Giuseppe Mallia.

Sunday the 19th of August
This year, the titular feast was celebrated on the 19th of August. At 9.00 a.m.Bishop Mario Grech led the Solemn High Mass of the festivity. He preached about the importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the community and how she brings us to know Christ, her Son. The priest of the parish concelebrated.

At 6.15 p.m. the Second Vespers of the Solemnity were presided by Mgr. Joseph Zammit, Rector of the Patrocinju Church in Ghasri. Afterwards, the procession was led by newly-ordained Fr. Mark Bonello; the clergy of the parish took part together with the confraternities of the parish. The entire church celebrations were transmitted via internet.

Written by: Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard
Image by: Redentine Cini
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