Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday
  The Easter Vigil
This year the Easter Vigil liturgy saw the parish church packed. The liturgical service began at 8.00 p.m. with the blessing of fire that took place on one of the sides of the church, due to the high winds. The church was left in darkness as the archpriest lit the main candle which was then enthroned in the sanctuary and from which all the congregation’s little candles were lit. The seven readings were read by different readers and then came the solemn moment of the intonation of the Gloria. From days before, the archpriest had referred to a surprise that would take place at this moment: in fact it was at this very moment in time that the new statue of the Risen Christ, sculpted in papier-mâché bu Victoria artist Paul Aquilina was unveiled by being raised high above the palms at the back of the main altar amid the wild clapping of those who were present. The Mass continued with the reading of the epistle, the Gospel and the superb homily about Christ, the light of humanity. The litany of the saints was sung as was the Exulter at the very beginning; both items were sung by the archpriest Can. Reuben Micallef. All in all it was a glorius celebration, rendered so more and more by the participation of the local choir under the direction of young Franco Cefai. Among the hymns that were sung, one must mention a Maltese translation of William Chatterton Dix’s Hallelujah Sing to Jesus and Henry Francis Lyte’s Praise my soul the King of Heaven. The congregation exited the church at about half past ten.

Easter Sunday
Sunday the 8th of April was Easter Sunday. The Mass schedule was as usual. However the 4.00 p.m. Mass was the main Mass for the Easter Solemnity. Archpriest Rev. Reuben Micallef presided. After the Mass, the demonstration with the new statue of the Risen Christ which replaced the 1998 statue which had been paid for by Can. Karm Cini, was taken around the streets of the village accompanied by the Santa Marija Band. When the procession entered the church, figolli were distributed to all the children after benediction with the Blessed Sacrament. The statue of the Risen Christ or L-Irxoxt as it is popularly known was put again on its bradella in the main aisle of the church.

The blessings of the family begin on Easter Monday, the 9th of April.

Written by: Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard
Images by: Matthew Vella
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