Christmas 2011
  Procession with Baby Jesus
The Procession with Baby Jesus organized by the Society of Christian Doctrine known locally as the MUSEUM was held on Friday the 23rd of December 201. The Santa Marija Band accompanied the procession which left the Stella Maris House at about 5.00 pm. The procession arrived at the parish church at about 6.00 pm where the last Mass for the Christmas Novena was celebrated by Fr. John Curmi. Archpriest Canon Reuben Micallef concelebrated. At the end of Mass, the Santa Marija Band of our locality organized its annual Christmas concert.

Christmas Eve
At about 10.30 pm. the korteo consisting of the children and their catechists began processing from the MUSEUM premises and ended in the Church. Then the Christmas concert which is held annually began; it consisted of various representations from different categories. Altar servers Joston Azzopardi and Roberto Carnemolla delivered the Priedka tat-Tifel which this year was quite different since it involved two altar-servers. The Priedka was written by Rev. Eddie Zammit and adapted by Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard. The Mass began at Mid-Night as Archpriest Can. Reuben Micallef processed down the main nave of the church with the lovely statue of baby Jesus in his arms which he enthroned beneath the altar. He was accompanied by Fr. Mark Demanuele MSSP, Fr. Noel Saliba, Canon Cantor Karm Cini and Fr. Geoffrey Attard.

Christmas activity for altar-servers
On Tuesday the 27th of December, the altar-servers were accompanied by the archpriest, Fr. Geoffrey Attard and Deacon Mark Bonello as they visited various artistic cribs around Gozo. They began by visited David Xuereb’s cribs at his home in Zebbug, then proceeded to visit the crib organized by the vocations groups at St Laurence. Later on they visited the life-size crib at the Leone Band Club in Victoria which is quite unique in its presentation. Last but not least they visited the exhibition at the Gozo Ministry Hall, Victoria. At mid-day they had a party at the Parish Centre.

Quaranta Ore in the parish
It is an old tradition in our parish and various other parishes around Gozo that the Forty Hours Devotion takes places during the last week of the year. This year, the Forty Hours began on Wednesday the 29th with the 6.00 pm Mass celebrated by the Archpriest Fr. Reuben Micallef.

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God
The first day of the New Year 2012 happened to be a Sunday; during this day, the Church celebrated not only the World Day of Peace but also the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, venerated among our Orthodox brethren as the Theotokos. At the end of the 6.00 pm Mass on Saturday, the Te Deum was sung in thanksgiving for the graces bestowed on the parish community during the outgoing year. At midnight between the 31st of December and the 1st of January, Mass was celebrated by the Archpriest Fr. Reuben Micallef in order to inaugurate the New Year. Then on Sunday, the 4.00 pm Mass was celebrated by Mgr. Dr. Joe Vella-Gauci and at the end of Mass, the procession with the Blessed Sacrament marched around the streets of the village.

Hike for all adolescents and youth
On Tuesday the 3rd of January, various adolescents and youths of our community took part in a hike which they organized themselves aided by Archpriest Fr. Reuben Micallef; they walked from Xwejni to Dwejra. The weather was not ideal but made the hike possible. There was a BBQ at Dwejra organized by the Youth-section of the Santa Marija Band for those who wanted to stay.

Party for the Parish Choirs
The two choirs of our parish organized a Christmas Party at the Parish Centre on Wednesday the 4th of January at about 6.30pm. It is important to mention that White Roses Choir of our parish featured on the weekly programme Ghawdex Illum on TVM on Saturday the 24th of December at 6.45 pm. From the columns of the parish website, we would like to congratulate them from the bottom or our heart.

Christmas Party at the MUSEUM
The Christmas Party organized by the members of the MUSEUM was held on Friday the 30th of December 2011 at 4.00 pm. The hall was full of children who frequent on a regular basis the lessons prepared for them by the socji and katekisti of Zebbug.

Written by: Fr. Geoffrey G. Attard
Image by: Matthew Vella
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