"Fil-ħlewwa ta’ Mejju,
Omm tagħna Marija
O kemm idoqq ħlejju
dak ismek sabiħ
Kemm toħroġ qawwija
dil-kelma minn qalbna
Bit-tama li talbna
jagħtik l-akbar ġieħ.

Int l-għaxqa tas-sema
Ix-xemx tal-ħolqien
Int l-omm ta’ min ħalqek
Bik mimli kull żmien
~ Dun Karm Psaila ~

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Parish Mission Statement
The aim of a Parish is to bring together the people of different ages and backgrounds living in the community and helps them experience the love of God and to hear His work which dwelt among us in the person of Chris His Son. The Parish embraces all; everybody should feel at home among the others in order to live the values of the Gospel as the Church intends. In today’s fast moving world, the children of God are called to be witnesses among those with whom they live and work so that in simplicity and truth we become shining examples of the love of God incarnate in a society that craves for meaning and direction in a secular age.

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